Click to enlargeJ1399/P1542

The popular 'Liberty at the Seashore' design. This obverse was used combined with 2 other 20 cent reverses and a modified version was also used on some trade dollar patterns of this year. The reverse is similar to the regular issue of the following year but with the following differences. The second arrowhead points well above the "T" in "Twenty" and all 3 leaves point toward the eagle's wing.

These were also struck as follows:

Silver J1399/P1542 with about a dozen known.

Copper J1400/P1543 with slightly over a dozen known.

Aluminum J1401/P1544 with only the impaired Krueger 2/82 sale coin confirmed.

Nickel J1402/P1545 with only 3 or 4 known including:

1) Mitchelson-CSL

2) Crouch-Superior 6/77, Byron Johnson-Hughes 1/79, Rothchild-Stacks 10/03, Southern collection, Simpson collection - NGC64, with corrosion or spot below AT in States on reverse

3) Heritage 8/98 ANA as PCGS65, Heritage 3/99, Denali-Heritage 1/13 FUN, Heritage 7/13, Heritage 8/17 ANA - PCGS66

Photo courtesy of Heritage.