Click to enlargeJ1407/P1550

The obverse on these shows Liberty incused on the shield as opposed to raised as on the regular die.

These were also struck as follows:

Silver J1407/P1550 with slightly more than a dozen known.

Copper J1408/P1551 with fewer than a dozen known.

Aluminum J1409/P1552 ex Boyd per Taxay and believed to be unique.

Nickel J1410/P1553 with at least 4 known as noted below.

1) Mitchelson-CSL

2) Crouch-Superior 6/77, Byron Johnson-Hughes 1/79, Rothchild-Stacks 10/03, Southern collection, Simpson-Heritage 2/21 - NGC66/PCGS66

3) Denali-Heritage 1/13 FUN - PCGS63

4) B/R 2/76, Heritage 4/12 (as J1409 altered surfaces) rehabbed, Heritage 1/15 FUN, Heritage 8/15 ANA - NGC66

Photo courtesy of Heritage.