Click to enlargeJ1453A/P1601

This is one of the few branch mint die trials known.

Only 2 examples are known as follows:

1) Newcomer, Boyd, Farouk lot 1967, Merkin 9/67 sale lot 534, David Bullowa in 1972, G.H Wolfe, Heritage 2000 FUN sale where it sold for $16,100.

2) B/R RCR #44 & #46, B/R 4/83, Stacks 9/94, Simpson-Heritage 9/20 - PCGS65RB

A single specimen, struck in nickel - J1453B/P1602, is also known to exist. It is ex 1892 Woodside sale lot 318 with one of the above copper coins (probably the Farouk coin), Wayte Raymond's 2/42 sale as lot 16, B. Max Mehl's Olsen sale as lot 372A, New Netherlands, Kagins 6/67, Kagins 11/71 lot 1208, 1993 ANA sale as lot 8008 as a mint error, Superior 7/03 as NGCMS64, Simpson - PCGS64. It is very weakly struck apparently on a three cent nickel planchet and is shown below.

It appears likely that all three of these pieces were made at the Philadelphia mint as fantasy pieces for a collector's cabinet. It is interesting to note that the nickel and Stacks 9/94 copper specimens were described as business strikes whereas the upcoming Wolfe coin was graded as a proof in the Merkin sale.

There appear to be at least 4 silver examples which have been described and/or encapsulated as a branch mint proof.

1) Kagins 11/71 lot 1207, Stacks 9/83 lot 677, Jay Parrino 1999 Fixed Price list, Superior 3/00, Superior 1/08 as PCGS-SP65, B/M 8/09 as PCGS-SP66, Simpson collection-Legend 7/14 - PCGS-SP66+.

2) RARCOA-Auction 90 8/1990, Heritage 8/92 as ANACS-SP64, Heritage 1/96, StacksBowers 8/12 as NGC-SP65 now PCGS-SP66

3) Heritage 2/03, Simpson, Legend 7/14, Heritage 10/14, Heritage 1/15 FUN, Heritage 8/17 ANA - NGC-SP65

4) James A Stack-Stack's 1/90, graded as gem Unc but it was fully prooflike and brought a proof price.

The obverse die has filled 'A's in the lettering and the reverse has recut 'E's and these appear to have been struck in medal alignment.

Both photos are courtesy of Heritage.