Click to enlargeJ145/P173

This is the most polished of the 4 gold dollar pattern designs of this year. These are known on both thick planchets weighing about 32 grains and thin planchets weighing about 25 grains. Many of these are restrikes struck from the late 1850s onward including all of the off-metal examples. About 3 dozen are believed to exist. Examples are known with a die crack at the right side of the first L in Dollar and were struck after 1860 as noted below. Later examples also have a die crack at 9:00 cutting through the first pair of leaves and the last examples also have a crack at 5:00.

Silver J146/P174 on both thick and thin planchets with fewer than a dozen confirmed, of which 5 are in museums. Some of these were struck using struck dimes as the planchet stock. The Queller example was struck over an 1860 dime and had no reverse die breaks as illustrated below courtesy of Stacks-Bowers.

Copper J147 & J148B/P175 with about a dozen known. The brass example, ex Lohr, was really copper. These were struck last as they show all 3 reverse die cracks.

Copper-nickel J148/P176 with fewer than a dozen known. The Queller coin had no reverse die breaks.

Nickel J148A/P177. This has not been analyzed and may actually be copper-nickel or german silver.

Photo courtesy of Superior.