Click to enlargeJ1459/P1609

William Barber's sailors head design with "In God We Trust" under Liberty's portrait, one of 4 different but similar obverse dies of this year.

This design in known as follows:

Silver J1459/P1609. Only 2 examples were struck as follows:

1) Woodin, Newcomer, Col Green, Boyd, Farouk, Judd, Kosoff-B/R 11/85, Novoselsky, Kagins, southern collection, Simpson - NGC64, illustrated above courtesy of PCGS.

2) Woodin, Granberg, Kosoff 1/68 FPL, Fairfield-B/R 10/77, Sieck-81 ANA, Bass-B/M 5/99, Heritage 1/11 - PCGS64, illustrated below courtesy of Heritage.

These were struck on 420 grain trade dollar planchets so either these may have been trade dollar patterns or the Mint simply used what was available at the time.

Copper with reeded edge J1460/P1610 with the following 8 confirmed.

1) ANS - PR65RED with a few spots.

2) Queller-Heritage 2009 FUN, Virginia collection, Heritage 8/17 ANA, 6/14/20 - NGC65RED

3) Heritage 2007 FUN as PCGS65BN, Simpson collection - PCGS65RB

4) Newcomer, Boyd, Farouk, Hydeman, Merkin 9/68, cleaned, lacquered, now rehabbed, 99 ANA, B/M 3/00, B/M 8/00, Heritage 4/18, Heritage 4/19 - NGC62BN

5) Kentucky collection as NGC65BN, Legendauctions 5/16 - PCGS65BN

6) Olsen-Mehl 11/44, Ewalt-Stacks 11/65, Kentucky collection, starting 10/2/2016 - NGC63BN

7) Kentucky collection, Heritage 1/17 FUN - NGC62RB

8) Goldberg 2/09 - PCGS AU details, genuine

Another had been slabbed PCGS63RB. See also 52 ANA.

Copper with plain edge J1461/P1611. This is unique and is ex Farouk, Champa, and Bass Foundation collections. The listing in Pollock with regard to the Fairfield coin is an error. That coin was a J1458/P1608.