Click to enlargeJ1459/P1609

William Barber's sailors head design with "In God We Trust" under Liberty's portrait, one of 4 different but similar obverse dies of this year.

This design in known as follows:

Silver J1459/P1609. Only 2 examples were struck as follows:

1) Woodin, Newcomer, Col Green, Boyd, Farouk, Judd, Kosoff-B/R 11/85, Novoselsky, Kagins, southern collection, Simpson - NGC64, illustrated above courtesy of PCGS.

2) Woodin, Granberg, Kosoff 1/68 FPL, Fairfield-B/R 10/77, Sieck-81 ANA, Bass-B/M 5/99, Heritage 1/11 - PCGS64, illustrated below courtesy of Heritage.

These were struck on trade dollar planchets so it is likely that these are actually trade dollar patterns.

Copper with reeded edge J1460/P1610 with the following 8 confirmed.

1) ANS - PR65RED with a few spots.

2) Queller-Heritage 2009 FUN, Virginia collection, Heritage 8/17 ANA, 6/14/20 - NGC65RED

3) Heritage 2007 FUN as PCGS65BN, Simpson collection - PCGS65RB

4) Newcomer, Boyd, Farouk, Hydeman, Merkin 9/68, cleaned, lacquered, now rehabbed, 99 ANA, B/M 3/00, B/M 8/00, Heritage 4/18, Heritage 4/19 - NGC62BN

5) Kentucky collection as NGC65BN, Legendauctions 5/16 - PCGS65BN

6) Olsen-Mehl 11/44, Ewalt-Stacks 11/65, Kentucky collection, starting 10/2/2016 - NGC63BN

7) Kentucky collection, Heritage 1/17 FUN - NGC62RB

8) Goldberg 2/09 - PCGS AU details, genuine

Another had been slabbed PCGS63RB. See also 52 ANA.

Copper with plain edge J1461/P1611. This is unique and is ex Farouk, Champa, and Bass Foundation collections. The listing in Pollock with regard to the Fairfield coin is an error. That coin was a J1458/P1608.