Click to enlargeJ1484/P1637

Although described as a regular dies trial piece, we believe that this was deliberately struck for sale to collectors as part of a complete off-metal set.

Only 2 examples are confirmed as follows:

1) Stacks 76 ANA, Paramount 3/1978, Heritage 7/2006, Bowers & Merena 2009 ANA, Heritage 1/2010 FUN, Heritage 1/15 FUN as NGC65RB, Heritage 4/15 as PCGS65RB, Heritage 1/17 FUN - PCGS66RB, illustrated above. This example has a carbon spot at the tip of Liberty's nose.

2) Schorer 2/1972, Harry W. Bass, Jr. Collection (Bowers & Merena 5/1999), Superior 2/2003, southern collection, Simpson-Heritage 1/22 - PCGS65RB.

Judd lists a J1485 in aluminum but, this, along with most of the gold denominations, is not believed to exist.

Photo courtesy of Heritage.