Click to enlargeJ1500/P1653

William Barber's sailors head design, struck in copper, similar to that used on 20 cent, half eagle and eagle patterns of 1875 and on dollar patterns of 1876. This design was also used in 1877 on dime, half dollar and dollar patterns.

About 8 examples are known, 2 of which has been silverplated. The one ex-Stacks 6/84 Bergin sale has on at least two occasions been offered as silver J1499/P1652. The other silverplated example is ex Lohr, Byron Johnson, Hughes 1/79. The 2 finest examples appear to be the illustrated piece ex Col Green?, Newman-Heritage 4/13, Heritage 8/17 ANA, Heritage 4/19 (NGC65RED) and the Harry W Bass Foundation piece.

Virgil Brand owned 2 examples, journal #s 11451 (Collins 12/1/1893) & 47959 (H Chapman's 2/12/1909 Metzger sale).

A single example struck in silver J1499/P1652 is confirmed to exist. It is ex Woodin-1914 ANS exhibit, Newcomer, Virginia collection, Heritage 1/17 FUN and is graded PCGS63 in spite of repeated cleanings.

Photo is of the Newman example and is courtesy of Heritage.