Click to enlargeJ124C/P141

The status of these as originals or restrikes is unclear. Metalurgical analysis on these is recommended.

The following combinations are known:

German Silver or copper-nickel with central perforation J124B & J124D/P140. Less than a half dozen are known. This used to be J152 & J152B respectively in earlier editions.

Nickel without central perforation J124C/P141 with only 3 or 4 confirmed. This used to be J152A in earlier editions.

Copper without central perforation? J124E/P142 with 2 confirmed including the Parmelee, Byron Reed example in the Durham Museum. The Parmelee sale calls them cents not ring cents thus it probably is not perforated. The illustrated piece ex ANR 8/04 sale, Simpson-Heritage 4/21 - PCGS65BN and shows a die crack running through the top of the NT in CENT.

White Metal with central perforation J124A/P143 Possibly unique. Pollock lists one as from the Bowers and Merena 1/88 sale. Metallurgical analysis is recommended.

Photo courtesy of American Numismatic Rarities.