Click to enlargeJ1553/P1730

The final Morgan dollar transitional issue. It has 7 tail feathers, 5 berries on the reverse olive sprig instead of one, the wings seem a little thinner and pointier, Morgan's initial "M" is not in the ribbon bow and AMERICA starts further away from the eagle's wingtip than on other varieties.

It is listed in Breen's Comprehensive Encyclopedia as #5499 where it is stated that these were struck on February 25.

Examples were struck as follows:

Silver J1552/P1729. Adams and Woodin stated that only 3 were struck. Only the following 2 are confirmed today:

1) HWBRF-B/M 5/99 - PCGS64

2) B/M 1/94 - PCGS62

One of these probably represents the example offered by Christies/Spink America in October 2001.

Earlier pedigrees for these include Woodside, Woodin, Newcomer, Col Green, Farouk and another is ex Dewitt Smith, Granberg. It is unclear which pedigree belongs with which piece noted above. An example listed as being part of the Byron Reed-Western Heritage Museum is actually a J1550.

Copper J1553/P1730 which is believed to be unique and, if so, is ex Hull (Scott Stamp & Coin 11/1895 lot 812), V. Brand (journal #15124), A. Brand, various B.G Johnson consignment invoices (see Newman Numismatic Portal, the earliest of which is an April 30,1940 to B. Max Mehl), Farouk, Stirling-Heritage 5/09 as NGC64RB, Simpson-Heritage 4/22 - PCGS65RB and is illustrated above. Click on the thumbnail image to see an enlargement.

Photo courtesy of Heritage.