Click to enlargeJ1562/P1753

This is the most polished design of the 3 goloid dollar patterns of this year.

Examples were struck in the following combinations:

Goloid J1560 & J1561/P1752 only 4 pieces are believed to be known according to the 7th edition of Judd. The following 2 are confirmed and there is evidence for at least 3 as described below.

1) Snowden, Woodin, Newcomer, Boyd, Farouk, Merkin 2/71, Bass-B/M 5/99, B/M 8/10, Virginia collection, Heritage 4/17 - PCGS64

2) Dr. Judd, B/R 1/75, B/R Rare Coin Review, No. 23 (1975), p.57. This one was described as J1561 in all offerings - weight unknown.

A third ex Heritage 8/04 as NGC65, Simpson-Heritage 4/21 and graded PCGS65 was mis-slabbed and is actually a J1557/P1749. It was withdrawn from the sale.

Virgil Brand owned 2 journal #s 11466 (called goloid) & 14290 (called silver) where the wreath is clearly noted in the descriptions. One of these is ex Olsen (Mehl 11/44 lot 61).

We do not believe J1561 exists.

Copper J1562/P1753 with over a dozen known.