Click to enlargeJ1566/P1756

Morgan's quarter eagle design. These were struck on thinner and slightly wider 20.5mm vs 18mm planchets than the regular issue.

Examples were struck as follows:

Gold J1566/P1756 with only one known ex Newcomer, Col Green, Boyd (via BG Johnson 6/23/43 invoice), Farouk, Judd, Wilkison, Auction 90, Superior 8/92, Superior 1/93 as PCGS65, southern collection as NGC67, Simpson-Heritage 4/21, StacksBowers 8/22 - PCGS67

Akers had the pedigree split into 2 coins but only the one example with a mark to the left of the C in America is known.

Copper J1567/P1757 with about a dozen believed to exist, several of which have been gilted.

This design was also copied into a half eagle J1568/P1758.

Photo courtesy of PCGS.