Click to enlargeJ1584/P1777

Barber's "Washlady" design which was the latest attempt to create a uniform silver coinage from dime to dollar. To view the set, click here.

Today it is considered to be one of the more beautiful designs ever made by the US Mint. At that time of its striking, however, the design was not well received as, apparently, Liberty's hair and the way it was tied back was considered to be disheveled.

The Washlady name dates back to the April 1891 New York Coin and Stamp auction of the F.W. Doughty collection and was given by David Proskey.

This design is R-6 in both silver and copper J1585/P1778 with between 12 to 15 believed to exist.

It is possible that an example exists somewhere in white metal as the half dollar and dollar clearly exist.

Photo courtesy of Superior.