Click to enlargeJ1596/P1786

The Washlady obverse design used on J1590-J1592/P1783-P1785 combined with the regular reverse die in struck in white metal.

This is unique and is ex Doughty (New York Coin & Stamp 4/1891 lot 463, Woodside (New York Coin & Stamp 4/1892 lot 368, Woodin-1914 ANS exhibit, Newcomer, Lohr, Heritage 1/06, southern collection, Simpson-Heritage 1/22 FUN - PCGS63.

As Woodin owned this piece, it is likely that this piece was meant to be AW1622 in the pattern book "United States Pattern, Trial and Experimental Pieces" by Edgar H. Adams & William H. Woodin.

Photo courtesy of Heritage.