Click to enlargeJ1637A/P1836

Charles Barber's Flowing hair design in white metal. This piece is unique and is ex Kaufman-RARCOA 8/78, SRCA 6/81, SRCA 10/81, Bowers and Merena 6/91 to M. Kodner.

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It was also part of a goloid set. To view Barber's set which included this design, click here.

Examples were also struck as follows:

Gold J1635/P1832-P1833 with several hundred known.

Copper J1636/P1834 with about a dozen known.

Aluminum J1637/P1835 with at least 5 known.

A second obverse die is known by a single example in copper J1636A/P1837 whose pedigree dates back to the 1906 H.P. Smith sale lot 1447. It has since been gilted.

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Photo is a scan from the Bowers and Merena 6/91 Polis sale.