Click to enlargeJ1656/P1856

This is a repeat of Morgan's coiled hair used in 1879 on J1631-J1634/P1828-P1831.

It was also part of a goloid set. To view Morgan's set which included this design, click here.

Examples were struck in the following combinations:

Silver or Goloid J1654/P1854 About a dozen are known. It would be interesting to test these to see if any are actually Goloid.

Copper J1655/P1855 with over a dozen known.

Aluminum J1656/P1856 with the following 5 confirmed.

1) Maris, Garett-JHU, B/R 3/80 Garrettt II, Melnick 11/82, Stacks 10/86

2) Paramount Rare Coin Lists #9-#11 (1974-5), Superior 1/90 as NGC67, Superior 11/05, Heritage 3/06, Heritage 4/17 - PCGS67 illustrated above

3) B/M 9/88 with lamination under TES of STATES

4) Newman-Heritage 4/13 - NGC65

5) Heritage 1/99 FUN - PCGS63

Photo courtesy of Heritage.