Click to enlargeJ1663/P1863

The regular dies trial piece struck in copper. It is unclear if this is a true trial piece or an item deliberately struck for sale to collectors.

3 pieces are known as follows:

1) H.P. Smith, Mitchelson, Connecticut State Library.

2) Newcomer, Farouk, SRCA 1/81, 2001 ANA, Heritage 1/08 as PCGS61RB, illustrated above, now rehabbed, B/M 9/09, Stacks-Bowers 11/11 as PCGS64BN, Goldberg 6/14, Goldberg 1/16, LegendAuctions 1/17, LegendAuctions 9/18 - PCGS65BN.

3) Kreisberg 11/70, Bass-B/M 5/99, southern collection, Simpson collection.

Additional listings for the last 2 include Newcomer, Elder 11/34, Kosoff 3/42, Mehl's Olsen sale and Kreisberg's 59 Waldorf sale.

Photo courtesy of Heritage.