Click to enlargeJ1693/P1895

The shield nickel design without the ball on the bottom of the shield.

In addition to nickel, of which about a dozen are known, these were also struck in the following combinations:

Copper J1694 & J1694A/P1896. Less than a dozen are known. Three examples were offered in ELder's 1/25/1918 Hewitt/Bartlett sale as lots 819-21.

The small, thin planchet example J1694A listed in the 7th edition of Judd is ex P.C. Clark (Bolender 11/32 lot 857) where described as being struck on a cent planchet, Farouk (as AW1679A). It was not in Superior's 6/77 Crouch sale.

Aluminum J1695/P1897 with about a half dozen known.

White Metal J1696/P1898. This is unique and was described in the Lohr fixed price list as being oxidized. Prior to that, it was in the 1914 ANS exhibit with the rest of Judson Brenner's minor patterns.