Click to enlargeJ1735/P1946

Although these have been described as regular die trial pieces, this is believed to have been deliberately struck as part of a unique copper set from the quarter to the double eagle, including the rare 1884 trade dollar, given to A.M. Smith, who authored the Mints visitor's guides.

Its complete pedigree is A. M. Smith-Bolender 2/36 lot 31, Bolender 11/38 lot 404, Farouk lot 2012, Kreisberg-Schulman 2/60, Leidman, Fred-Bowers and Merena 11/95, Marin Numismatics (Don Kagin & Andy Lustig), Heritage 1/97 FPL, Bowers and Merena 3/99, R. Shippee-Bowers and Merena 10/2000, Rau-Heritage 4/18 - PCGS64RB.