Click to enlargeJ1951/P2024

This is one of two 1913 type one buffalo nickel patterns without the designer's initial. This used to be J1789A in earlier editions. This one has a round top 3 in the date, as shown below, and is on a broader planchet.

The other J1950/P2025 has a flat top 3. This used to be J1789 in earlier editions.

According to Roger Burdette's book "Ranaissance of American Coinage 1909-1915", 4 examples were struck on February 24, 1913 of which 2 were given to the Mint Collection and the other 2 went to Secretary of the Treasury Franklin MacVeagh and Superintendent Landis. These latter 2 were returned to the Mint in 1914 and February 28, 1913 respectively leaving this pattern non-collectible.

The 2 Mint collection pieces are now in the Smithsonian and are illustrated below.

Photo courtesy of the National Numismatic Collection of the Smithsonian Institution. The first is inventory 1985.0551.0754 and the second is 1985.0551.0755.