Click to enlargeJ1983/P2042

A.A. Weinman's so-called Mercury dime. This is one of at least 4 different designs he produced. This used to be under J1794 in earlier editions of Judd. The obverse of this variety has a wider head and neck than the ones used for J1981/P2038 and J1982/P2040. The reverse die appears to be the same.

Only 2 or 3 are known including the Sutton example illustrated in the 7th edition of Judd and the former Kosoff-Bowers and Merena 11/85, Bowers and Merena 5/2001, ANR 12/03, B/M 5/04, Heritage 1/05, Heritage 1/08, StacksBowers 8/16 ANA, StacksBowers 6/18 example. The latter Pollock lists as P2041 but it is the same as P2042; the leaf being obliterated by the heavy scratches.

Photo courtesy of Bowers and Merena.