Click to enlargeJ193 & J198/P236 & P229

This pattern showing the regular Flying eagle design with a reverse containing a large ornamented shield is one of the designs which was part of the 12 piece sets. To view the set, click here.

This design exists from two different obverse dies. To view both obverses side by side, click here.

Flying eagle design with small letters

Copper nickel J193/P236 This is common.

Copper nickel on broad planchet J194/P237. This is listed as unique, ex Longacre (M.Thomas & Sons) 1/1870 lot 79, A.S. Jenks (Ed Cogan) 4/1877 lot 425, Maris (H.P.Smith) 6/1886 lot 168. None of these sales mention the obverse die so it is probable that this is really an example of J199/P230.

Copper J195/P238. This is unique and was formerly in the 1966 ANA sale.

Flying eagle design with large letters

Copper nickel J198/P229 Over a dozen are known.

Copper nickel on broad planchet J199/P230 with about a half dozen known including:

1) Judd, B/R 9/75, NERCA 7/76, NERCA 3/79

2) Crouch-Superior 6/77, Sieck-B/R 81 ANA, B/M 5/06, Heritage 4/09 - PCGS64 illustrated below

3) Farouk, Bolender 9/58, Kagins 77 ANA, B/M 6/10, StacksBowers 8/12 ANA as PCGS repaired, Heritage 1/14 - NGC63

4) Aulick, Garrett-JHU, B/R Garrett II sale

5) Heritage 4/19 - NGC64 does not appear to match any of the first 4.

The Lohr example is probably either #2 or #3.

Photos courtesy of Superior and Bowers and Merena.