Click to enlargeJ1982/P2040

This is the second of 4 known patterns of the so-called Mercury dime. This used to be J1794 in earlier editions of Judd.

The obverse of this is similar to that used on J1981/P2038 with the following minor differences. The head appears slightly larger on this one with the top wing feather on the cap going past the "R" in "Liberty". Less of the letter "E" in "Liberty" is visible and the 6 in the date is more pointed on this as well. The reverse appears to be the same as that used on J1983/P2042. It is probably also the same as on J1981/P2038 but strengthened.

2 examples are confirmed and both are illustrated below. The first is a recently discovered example that was offered in Ira & Larry Goldberg's 9/05, Southern collection, Stacks 7/08, Heritage 8/13, StacksBowers 2/14, Bonhams 6/14, StacksBowers 8/14 ANA, Bonhams 12/14 sales and is graded PCGSVF25.

Photo courtesy of PCGS and Kevin Wolter.

The second is the Robinson piece mentioned by Pollock and illustrated in earlier editions of Judd and several Coin World articles and is courtesy of Ron Guth. Later pedigree includes southern collection, Stacks 7/08, Simpson collection - PCGSF12.