Click to enlargeJ214/P276

This is one of two patterns using this undated Indian head obverse on a wide planchet. On this it is combined with a laurel reverse with clusters of 5 leaves, that, according to Pollock, differs from any used on regular coins. It has a prominent central dot.

This is one of several patterns using the Indian head design. For some correspondence by Longacre regarding this obverse as a replacement for the flying eagle, click here and for description of the use of pointed feathers in the headdress, click here.

Pollock lists this under 1859 whereas Judd lists it under 1858.

Examples were made in copper-nickel J214/P276 with only the Newcomer and Brenner-1914 ANS exhibit, Brand coins known and in copper J215/P277 with only the former FCC Boyd coin believed to exist.

Photo courtesy of Rick Snow.