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This muling of 2 undated flying eagle obverse dies, one with large letters and one without any lettering, is one of the more unusual pieces produced. The Judd book lists this under 1858 whereas Pollock lists it under 1856. We suspect it may have been struck as late as 1864.

Although listed as being copper-nickel, the 2 known examples appear to be standard coin nickel (75% copper, 25% nickel) and have the following pedigrees:

1) Fewsmith (10/1870 lot 1219), Mason, Parmelee (6/1890 lot 72 purchased by Crosby), Woodside (4/1892 lot 70), Woodin, Brenner-1914 ANS exhibit, V. Brand, A. Brand, Boyd, Judd, Lauder, B/M 9/93, Stacks 5/97, Kagin's 3/17 - PCGS62/NGC62, illustrated above courtesy of Kagin's. According to the Bowers & Merena catalog, this weighs 70.3 grains.

2) Gable (S. H. Chapman 5/1914 lot 1527) and recently rediscovered in Dec 2014. It is illustrated below courtesy of PCGS, weighs 70.83 grains and came back 77% copper, 23% nickel and graded PCGS64. It is possible that some of the earlier pedigree on the first may belong to this piece.