Click to enlargeJ222/P265

The Paquet reverse with "perfect ribbon" combined with the regular obverse die.

Its first appearance is believed to be as lot 693 in William Strobridge's 3/1863 sale.

Today, 4 examples are confirmed as follows:

1) Farouk, Kosoff-66 ANA, Kosoff 2/70, Morris Evans, Bowers and Merena 8/98, Superior 8/04, ANR 11/04, Simpson-Heritage 2/21 - PCGS61, cleaned and lacquered - illustrated above, click on the thumbnail image to see an enlargement.

2) Judd, Kosoff 8/71, Harry W. Bass Jr. Research Foundation - to view, click here.

3) 1976 ANA, ANR 3/06, Jewell, Stacks-Bowers 8/11 ANA,Stacks-Bowers 3/12, Stacks-Bowers 11/12, Stacks-Bowers 3/13, Legend 10/21 - PCGS63, illustrated below courtesy of StacksBowers

4) Byron Reed-Durham Museum - ICG64, possibly from Doughty (New York Coin & Stamp April 1891 lot 323), illustrated below

Photo from the Byron Reed Collection; owned by the City of Omaha, Nebraska; on loan to The Durham Museum.

The R.E. Cox-Stacks 4/62 specimen is believed to duplicate either #1 or #3 above.

A single example, defaced, is known struck in copper J223/P266 and is ex Lefferts (1881), Farouk, Judd.

2 white metal splashers of the reverse lacking dentilation are known JA1858-4/P3176 as well as a set up piece for the reverse lettering JA1858-5/P3179.

Photo courtesy of Superior.