Click to enlargeJ224/P268

The famous 1858 Paquet design. This is similar to Longacre's regular type 3 design but has larger letters used on the devices.

It is unique in gold and is believed to have been part of a complete 1858 proof set originally owned by J. Colvin Randall and eventually finding its way into the American Numismatic Society collection with the rest of the Randall, J.P. Morgan proof sets.

It was also struck in copper J225/P269 with about 4 or 5 known with at least one gilted. The R-8 listing in Pollock and Judd seems a bit too high. A non-gilt example was lot 1619 in Stacks 4/66 Bolt sale where the Judd number was noted as J233 in error.

Obverse JA1858-6/P3182 and reverse JA1858-7/P3185 die trials, struck in white metal, are in the collection of the Library Company of Philadelphia.

Photo courtesy of the American Numismatic Society, accession number 1908.93.573.