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The regular dies trial piece struck in copper. Only 2 or three examples are known from the following dies:

Breen 1A | Bass/Dannreuther-4 P36 with the only example known being defaced. It last appeared in New Netherlands 6/59 sale.

Breen 2C | Bass/Dannreuther-1 P37 with the only one known ex StacksBowers 8/19 ANA badly defaced, This example may be a cast counterfeit per Pollock.

Breen 3D | Bass/Dannreuther-5 P38 with the reverse with the second 'S' in 'States' struck over a 'D'. This is the illustrated piece and is the one mentioned in Pollock. It was in NASAC's (Numismatic Auction Sales and Consulting - Andy Lustig) 6/86 sale prior to its most recent appearance in Ira & Larry Goldberg's Coins and Collectibles 2/01 sale. In the February Goldberg sale, they mention that the coin appears to have been struck over a previously struck coin. Among the possibilities include a cut down large cent or Talbot, Allum and Lee cent.

A bigger issue was a possible second one sold in Heritage 1/07 sale. Although it was pedigreed to the previous Goldberg sale, the recent scratch under the second A in America is not there. As both appear to be in the same grade and die state, if there are in fact 2 of these then they are likely counterfeit.

Photo coutesy of Ira & Larry Goldberg's Coins & Collectibles.