Click to enlargeJ239/P295

Longacre's French head design combined with the "1/2 Dollar" cereal wreath reverse.

Your editor, Saul Teichman, has always questioned whether this was designed by Longacre or Paquet as the 1859 half dollar patterns used Paquet's punches in the legend "United States of America". Kurt Brintzenhofe notes a July 1897 article in the American Journal of Numismatics on U.S. Assay Commission Medals by Edmund J. Cleveland also attributes the French head used on the 1860 to Paquet.

Examples were struck as follows:

Silver J239/P295 with over 50 believed to exist.

Copper J240/P296 with over 30 believed to exist.

Two other copper pieces have 16 H's punched on the edge as follows:

Reeded edge J240A ex Parmelee (1890), unknown intermediaries, Kosoff-B/M 11/85.

Plain edge J240B ex Garrett, Bass-B/M 5/99, ANR Kennywood 1/05, StacksBowers 8/15 ANA - PCGS64BN

Incomplete obverse splashers in white metal JA1859-2/P3212 and JA1859-3/P3215 are also known.

Photo courtesy of Kingswood Auctions.