Click to enlargeJ243/P299

Longacre's French head design combined with the regular reverse die. Your editor, Saul Teichman, has always questioned whether this was designed by Longacre or Paquet as the 1859 half dollar patterns used Paquet's punches in the legend "United States of America".

These are probably restrikes struck circa 1866-7 based on the copper example illustrated below. If they are, they were probably struck from the same reverse die used on the 1839 J97-J98/P107-P108 and/or the unique J538/P602.

Examples were struck as follows:

Silver J243/P299 with about a half dozen known.

Copper J244/P300 with about a half dozen known including the one illustrated below struck from a planchet which had an incused head of Washington on it. This famous piece is ex Nagy 10/3/07, Brand (journal id #40589), Stacks Anderson-Dupont sale, Stacks Goldschmidt sale, Morris Evans-Bowers and Merena 8/98, Stacks 1/07, Bowers and Merena 2009 ANA, Simpson-Heritage 1/21 - PCGS65RB.

Photo courtesy of Stacks.

Incomplete obverse splashers in white metal JA1859-2/P3212 and JA1859-3/P3215 are also known.