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This is muling of the Longacre obverse with the reverse for J235-J236/P282-P285 showing 'United States of America' on both sides. Longacre's French head design. Your editor, Saul Teichman, has always questioned whether this was designed by Longacre or Paquet as the 1859 half dollar patterns used Paquet's punches in the legend "United States of America".

They are known struck in silver and copper from both the 'Perfect Ribbon' J245-J246/P301-P302 and the 'Broken Ribbon' J245-J246/P303-P304. Examples in both silver and copper, presumably with the 'perfect ribbon' reverse were sold in the 1863 Bang's and Company sale of the Benjamin Haines collection. The 'broken ribbon' reverse die shows extensive die rust as on the illustrated piece and is likely a restrike made in the 1870s. Over a half dozen combined are known in both silver and copper.

Copper examples with the 'Perfect Ribbon' reverse J246/P302 do exist. Pollock left the number P302 available but was unable to confirm its existence at the time he was writing his book. One is in the Connecticut State Library ex Mitchelson and a second was sold in Heritage's 12/26/2000 on-line Internet sale. Examples have since been offered in American Numismatic Rarities 1/2004 and Heritage 1/2004 sales.

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Incomplete obverse splashers in white metal JA1859-2/P3212 and JA1859-3/P3215 are also known.

Image courtesy of Bowers and Merena.