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The famous 1799 Eagle die trial struck in copper. This is believed to be a true die trial and not a coin deliberately struck for sale to a collector. It was defaced on the reverse with 2 chisel marks to prevent it being gold plated.

The coin is listed as being struck from Breen's 1-A dies but a recent article in the Numismatist called the reverse 'X'. It is also listed as Bass/Dannreuther-3.

The die trial is unique and has a long and illustrious pedigree. It is ex Fewsmith (Mason & Company 10/1870), Mason and Company 2/1871, Col Cohen (Cogan 10/1875), Parmelee (NY Coin and Stamp 6/1890), Woodside (NY Coin and Stamp 4/1892), Woodin-1914 ANS exhibit, Newcomer, Raymond 2/42, Judd, Sotheby's 12/73, Superior 10/92, Bowers and Merena 9/94.

Photo courtesy of Superior.