Click to enlargeJ271/P319

These are struck on eagle diameter planchets as part of an anti-counterfeiting effort. This design also has a die blunder in that the "V" in "Five" is actually an upside down "A".

2 Examples were struck in gold, per the Addenda to Haseltine's 65th sale (March 1883) as follows:

1) Haseltine 3/1883 addenda, unknown intermediates, Newcomer, Kosoff, Wilkison (circa 1942), Kagins, Bowers & Merena 2009 ANA, Bowers & Merena's 2010 Pre-ANA, Heritage 8/12 - PCGS62, illustrated above, click on the thumbnail image to enlarge.

2) R. Coulton Davis, Woodside (NY Coin & Stamp 4/1892), S. H. & H. Chapman's 4/1897 M.A. Brown sale, V. Brand (journal id #17020), Horace Brand, Boyd, Numismatic Gallery Monthly April 1949 and July-Aug 1951 editions, Dr. Judd, Dr Wilkison, Trompeter, Southern collection, Simpson collection - NGC64, illustrated below

The Byron Reed coin, listed as a third example in David Aker's book on gold patterns is actually a thin planchet copper gilt example of J272/P320. of which over a dozen are known, several of which have been gilted. Red examples are extremely rare.

Incomplete reverse die JA1860-4/P3248 and hub JA1860-5/P3251 trials, struck in lead, are also confirmed to exist.

Photos courtesy of Heritage.