Click to enlargeJ275/P324

The regular dies trial piece.

Examples were supposedly struck as follows:

Copper J275/P324 with no unquestionably genuine piece confirmed. The most convincing is proabably the illustrated piece above ex Parmelee, Byron Reed-Durham Museum. Click on the thumbnail image to see an enlargement. As nice as this piece appears, ICG chose not to assign a grade to it when grading the Museum's other patterns. I am also aware of 3 other examples, ANS, Simpson and one offered on Ebay which do not appear to be genuine. Brand's (journal id #48899) is unidentified as well and may duplicate one of the 3 noted.

Copper-Nickel J276/P325 with only the Parmelee, Byron Reed-Durham Museum example illustrated below believed to be genuine. This may be some sort of mint error on indian cent stock.

The 2 Byron Reed-Durham Museum pieces were struck from different obverse dies. The copper examples look like business strikes and have a high date - subject of course to whether or not they are genuine - and the copper-nickel piece has a low date and appears to be a proof.

Images from the Byron Reed Collection; owned by the City of Omaha, Nebraska; on loan to The Durham Museum.