Click to enlargeJ275/P324

The regular dies trial piece.

Examples were supposedly struck as follows:

Copper J275/P324 with no unquestionably genuine piece confirmed. The most convincing is proabably the illustrated piece above ex Parmelee, Byron Reed-Durham Museum. Click on the thumbnail image to see an enlargement. As nice as this piece appears, ICG chose not to assign a grade to it when grading the Museum's other patterns. According to Chris Majtyka, it was struck from Fortin counterfeit 104 dies. I am also aware of 3 other examples, ANS, Simpson and one offered on Ebay which do not appear to be genuine. Brand's (journal id #48899) is unidentified as well and may duplicate one of the 3 noted.

Copper-Nickel J276/P325 with only the Parmelee, Byron Reed-Durham Museum example illustrated below believed to be genuine as it appears to be struck from proof dies. This may be some sort of mint error on indian cent stock.

Images from the Byron Reed Collection; owned by the City of Omaha, Nebraska; on loan to The Durham Museum.