These have been described as regular dies trial pieces of the 1803 half eagle. They are believed to be private strikings, possibly by Joseph J. Mickley or Montroville Dickeson, from dies sold by the mint as scrap in the early 1860s.

Examples are known as follows:

Copper J27/P6045 with only two or 3 believed to exist. Woodin's 1914 ANS exhibit displayed 2 examples from different dies.

Other listings include the following:

Woodward 1/1884 (Heman Ely) lot 450 where described as gilt; Brand (journal #45436 and possibly 101582); Olsen; Kelly FPL circa 1947-1949 and Farouk lot 1707. It is unclear how many different examples are listed here.

Brass J27A. This is not numbered by Pollock although the possibility is noted. 2 examples, from different dies, were lots 1702 and 1703 in Woodward's 10/1864 sale. Either of these may duplicate the copper listing above. A second example in the Heman Ely sale, lot 451 is described as "not one of Kettle's pieces, (see below) but a pretty close imitation of the mint issue" is likely one of the 2 1864 sale pieces.

One was listed in the original inventory of the collection Frank Stewart donated to the city of Philadelphia that is housed at Independence Hall but it cannot be located today.

The Newcomer inventory lists one of each.

Note: It is possible that these are actually modified examples of Kettle Gaming Tokens.

No photograph is available for this piece.