Click to enlargeJ279/P330

The "God Our Trust" pattern, a precursor to the familiar "In God We Trust" reverse motto used regularly starting in 1866.

For some correspondence by Longacre regarding the creation of this motto, click here.

This design has the motto directly in the field above the eagle's head. A second variety has the motto on a scroll J277-J278/P326-P329.

Pollock only lists examples from the obverse die with the date right with shield point near the right side of the '1' in date as illustrated.

Silver J279/P330

Copper J280/P331

About a dozen of each are known. It is not clear if any were struck from the obverse die with the date left with shield point near the the '8' in date.

Some of these are believed to be restrikes especially those struck in copper which were 'bronzed'.

This design was repeated in 1862 and 1863.

Photo courtesy of Heritage.