Click to enlargeJ285/P340

The "God Our Trust" pattern, a precursor to the familiar "In God We Trust" reverse motto used regularly starting in 1866. This design has the motto on a scroll.

For some correspondence by Longacre regarding the creation of this motto, click here.

These were struck from two different obverse dies as follows:

Copper with low date J285/P338 with about a half dozen known.

Copper with high date J285/P340, as illustrated, with about a half dozen known.

To see both obverse dies side by side, click here.

Both of these are usually bronzed or gilt. Examples showing mint red are extremely rare.

The listings in gold J284/P337 and P339 are not confirmed. This is possibly a misdescription of the 1863 pattern J349/P421.

Photo courtesy of American Numismatic Rarities.