Click to enlargeJ295/P353

The "God Our Trust" pattern, a precursor to the familiar "In God We Trust" reverse motto used regularly starting in 1866.

This design has the motto directly in the field above the eagle's head. Another variety has the motto on a scroll J293-J294/P351-P352.

About two dozen are known in silver. W. Elliot Woodward stated in his May 1863 sale catalog that 25 sets were struck.

These were also struck in copper J296/P354 with at least a dozen known.

Some of these are believed to be restrikes especially those struck in copper which were 'bronzed'. W. Elliot Woodward mentions in his October 1880 Haines sale catalog of the peddling of these sets by mint officials.

This design was also struck in 1861 and 1863.