Click to enlargeJ30/P6080

This is a private striking, possibly by Joseph J. Mickley or Montroville Dickeson, from dies sold by the mint as scrap in the early 1860s. It first appeared in Woodward's Colburn sale according to Taxay.

According to Heritage, the obverse is from 1804 Bass-Dannreuther 4 with extensive cracks, one of which bisects the obverse from 11:30 to 5:30. The reverse is the one used to strike 1804 BD-7. Both dies are heavily rusted.

Examples are known as follows:

Silver with reeded edge J29/P6075. The listing in Pollock is a typo. The Judd coin was the example described as having some reeding on the edge.

Silver with plain edge J30/P6080 with only 3 or 4 examples believed known including:

1) Brand, Norweb-NN 9/53, Paramount 2/75, Paramount 5/76, Superior 6/77, Bass-B/M 5/99 example listed by Pollock.

2) Mocatta-StacksBowers 8/22 - PCGS62

See also lot 1494 of Kagin's 11/64 sale. Another is ex Bolt-Stacks 4/66 Bolt described as XF, stained possibly the same as #2.

Brand owned 2 of these, edge not mentioned and were entered as journal #24841 and #82893. Raymond 2/42 and 1958 ANA lot 1465 are additional listings where the edge is not noted. A plain edge example was in the Newcomer collection.

Copper with reeded edge J31/P6085 with at least the Kagin 1/75 sale piece existing per Pollock.

Copper with plain edge J31A/P6090 with 3 known as follows:

1) Byron Reed-Durham Museum

2) Southern collection, Simpson-Heritage 2/21 - PCGS64BN

3) Southern collection, Simpson-Heritage 8/21 - PCGS63BN

One of the last 2 is ex H. Chapman's 1909 Metzger sale, Brand (journal #47954) and/or Stacks 4/66 Bolt sale.

The Chapman bros 7/1901 and Low's 272 sale lot 298 are additional listings without edge being specified.

Tin with plain edge J32/P6095 with at least 2 known as pedigreed in Pollock, one of which is ex Superior 5/06, southern collection, Simpson-Heritage 1/21. Brand owned one (journal #10846).

Photo courtesy of Bowers and Merena from their April 1983 Connecticut sale.