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This popular 3 cent pattern employs an obverse die created from the coronet large cent design of 1840-1857. They were made at numerous times on planchets of various thicknesses.

The following notation is from George Eckfeldt's journal.

"Struck a few 3 cent pieces of copper & zinc; the size, thickness and diameter about that of the 1857 copper cent. About the middle of 1863."

In copper, as illustrated above, there are about 50-60 known. Full red examples are extremely rare.

They were also struck in aluminum J320/P385 supposedly on both thick and thin planchets. These are much rarer with the following 5 confirmed:

1) Mitchelson, Connecticut State Library - gem proof

2) Garrett II-Bowers & Ruddy 3/80, Hughes 7/80, Denali collection, Legend, Heritage 1/18 FUN, Black Cat - PCGS66 with corrosion mark in hair visible on all plates.

3) B/M 1/97, Southern collection as PCGS64, Simpson-Heritage 1/21 - PCGS65.

4) Bourne - PCGS63.

5) Woodin, Newcomer, unknown intermediaries, Heritage 2/06, Saul Teichman - NCS60 with laminations. This is plated in both Adams and Woodin and Judd 10th edition, illustrated below.

Either #3 or #4 is ex Brand (journal #14248 from Steigerwalt on 5/31/1895) .

Photos courtesy of Heritage.

Eckfeldt journal image courtesy of Alan Meghrig.