Click to enlargeJ33 - 1804 Plain 4 Eagle

The famous 1804 plain 4 eagle struck in 1834 for inclusion in the presentation proof sets presented to the leaders of southeast asia. The famous King of Siam proof set is still intact and is shown below.

Photo courtesy of Superior.

Besides the example in the set which is presently a highlight of the Tyrant collection, 2 others are confirmed. The illustrated example is ex Col Green, Stack's 11/55 Baldenhofer sale, Stack's 10/88, Simpson-Heritage 1/21 - PCGS65 and the other is ex Betts, Cogan 6/1871, Wood-Cogan 5/1873, Woodin-Elder 3/1911, Clapp family, Eliasberg-B/M 10/82, Bass, HWBRF-Heritage 9/22 - PCGS63. To view images of all known examples, click here.

Pollock delisted this in gold. Judd apparently listed this because of the silver trials listed below. We list it here because it is clearly something beyond a regular issue.

Recent research by John Dannreuther has determined that these J34-J34A/P46-P47 are true die trials made in 1834 from old dies and were struck prior to the gold issues. The obverse die was an unfinished die with "180" already punched into the die, the "4" being added from a modern punch. The die was lapped to remove rust. The reverse die appears to be an unused 1806 half dollar die. For more information, collectors should read the August 14, 2006 and November 24, 2014 editions of Coin World.

These were also struck in silver with reeded edge
J34-J34A/P46-P47 with the dies is a slightly earlier state than the gold examples proving that these are true die trials made in 1834 prior to the gold strikings. Only 4 or 5 are known. There is also a single example known struck with a plain edge J34A/P47. It would be interesting to see if this was the first one struck.

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