Click to enlargeJ331/P402

The G.H. Wolfe coin. Photo courtesy of Heritage.

These exist in the following combinations.

Nickel J331/P402 All known examples are more or less standard coin nickel per the research and testing by David Cassel who has tested 3 of the 5 confirmed examples. This was J331B in earlier editions of Judd.

Copper J331A/P403 This is unique and is ex R. Coulton Davis (New York Coin & Stamp Co 1/1890), Brand (journal #16857 via S.C. Stevens 2/1897), Boyd?, Farouk 3/54, Merkin 9/67, Milton R. Friedberg CAA 1/97, ANA 8/97, David Cassel-Heritage 8/15 - PCGS64BN.

David Cassel's book on Postage Currency Patterns is now available. For more on this, click here.