Click to enlargeJ335/P407

The so-called transitional quarter using the reverse of 1866-1891.

These and the other "with motto" patterns of this date and also 1864 and possibly 1865 are actually restrikes made circa 1869 and into the early 1870s and offered with restrikes of other denominations in complete sets. The reverse die used here is the same as on the 1869 and 1870 pattern and trial pieces and 1871 J1093-5 with die rust between the eagle's right (observers left) wing and the olive branch. The Bass foundation example shows extensive rust and may be a very late striking as shown below.

Examples were also struck as follows:

Silver J335/P407 with about a dozen known.

Copper J336/P408 with about a dozen known.

Aluminum J337/P409 with at least 4 confirmed.

1) MTB - T.R. Walsh

2) 77 ANA, unknown intermediates, Simpson-Heritage 1/21 - PCGS67

3) Exemplar collection, Heritage 4/13 as NGC65, StacksBowers 8/15 ANA, LegendAuctions 7/18 - PCGS65

4) RARCOA 1/73, Stacks 1/87, possibly the piece graded PCGS64 in their census as it was there prior to #3 being offered.

5) 1/30/22 - PCGS65 possibly the same as #4

As there are 5 known of the half dollar and dollar, it is likely another exists. Judd 7th edition notes that one was in the Dr Michal collection which likely is one of above or the 5th piece.

Photos courtesy of Heritage.