Click to enlargeJ378/P446

Although described in the literature as "regular dies trial pieces", these are actually novodels/backdated restrikes deliberately made circa 1869 and into the early 1870s and sold as part of complete off-metal sets of the silver coinage of this year containing quarter, half dollar and dollar which had the reverses of 1866 with the motto "In God We Trust" above the eagle.

This coin is struck from an obverse die with a broken "D" in "United".

Examples were struck as follows:

Copper J378/P446 with a dozen or so believed to exist.

Aluminum J379/P447 with only 2 known ex Newcomer and ex Brenner-1914 ANS, Brand (journal #92500:450).

Nickel J380/P448 with only 2 known, one ex Doughty (1891), H.P, Smith (1906), Brand (journal #33870) and the other ex Brenner-1914 ANS, Brand (journal #92500:448).

Photo courtesy of Heritage.