Click to enlargeJ384/P452

Paquet's reverse design with tall letters. It is very likely that these were struck deliberately for sale to collectors circa 1868 or 1869 as opposed to being true patterns. Its first sales occurrence was in the October 1870 Mason & Company sale of the Fewsmith collection.

According to the description given to one of these in Heritage's 2007 FUN Sale:

"The obverse die doesn't match any known varieties listed by Larry Briggs in his reference of the Liberty Seated quarter series. The date is positioned farther left than on any known business strike or proof production pieces".

According to that same sale, this obverse was also used to strike J386/P454.

About a dozen are known including one well circulated AG3 example.

It was also struck in copper J385/P453 with the following examples known:

1) Mitchelson-CSL

2) NERCA 7/80, D.A. Holt, Simpson-Heritage 1/21 - PCGS66BN

3) Superior 10/00, Rau-Heritage 4/18 - PCGS63RB

Others possible from Farouk, Lohr, Stacks 5/75 which may also be additional listings of the last 2.

This reverse was also used in the following years:

1858 on J221/P264.

1859 on J234/P281.

1865 on J423-4/P495-6. These are also fantasy pieces deliberately made for sale to collectors circa 1868.