Click to enlargeJ38/P6120

This is a private striking, possibly by Joseph J. Mickley or Montroville Dickeson, from dies sold by the mint as scrap in the early 1860s. The obverse die is broken and both dies are heavily rusted.

Examples are known as follows:

Silver with plain edge J36/P6110. This is possibly unique with the few auction appearances, Elder 1937 sale, Federal Brand 10/61 and Kagin 5/69 probably being the same piece.

Copper with plain edge J37/P6115 with two confirmed as follows:

1) B/R 11/73, B/M 8/83, B/M 9/95 as NGC64BN, ANR/Stacks 11/06, Heritage 8/07 ANA, Heritage 1/18 FUN - NGC65BN

2) B/R 9/75, NERCA 7/76, NASCA 11/77

These 2 probably account for the Newcomer, Elder 12/37, Raymond 2/42 and Mehl's Olsen pieces.

White Metal with plain edge J38/P6120 with only the Brand (journal #45435), Norweb, New Netherlands 41st 9/53, Bowers and Merena 1/96, Heritage 97 ANA, Southern collection, Simpson collection confirmed.

A uniface obverse splasher struck in white metal JA1805-1/P6135 is also known.

Photo courtesy of Heritage.