Click to enlargeJ421/P493

The so-called regular dies trial piece. These are restrikes deliberately struck for sale to collectors. The obverse die was from a hub with a broken first S in STATES and reverse die was used from 1869 to the mid-1870s on die trials with a scratch above the 'NE' in ONE. These were combined with other novodels to create proof set with quarter, half and silver dollar having the motto "In God We Trust" on them.'' For more on that click, here.

Examples were struck as follows:

Copper J421/P493 with fewer a half dozen confirmed. An example is in the Connecticut State Library.

Nickel J422/P494 with only one known. This piece was first sold as lot 830 in Mason & Company's February 1871 sale. It more recently appeared in a January 27, 1997 Coin World ad by Delaware Valley Rare Coins and then in Heritage 4/98 fixed price list in a PCGS63 holder.

As expected, these dies are also known struck in silver. Craig Sholley and John Dannreuther note 2 examples including lot 9506 in Heritage 1/13 FUN and lot 7470 in Heritage 2/14 sales. It would not be surprising if several more are discovered.

Photo courtesy of American Numismatic Rarities.