Click to enlargeJ423/P495

Paquet's reverse design with tall letters. It is very likely that these were struck deliberately for sale to collectors circa 1868 as opposed to being true patterns. Its first sales occurrence was in the October 1870 Mason & Company sale of the Fewsmith collection.

About a dozen are known in silver. The illustrated example is the former Dr. Judd, Harry W. Bass Jr. Research Foundation example and is probably the finest known Paquet reverse pattern of any date.

This design was also struck in copper J424/P496 with at least 4 known as follows:

1) Fecht, ANS

2) Eliasberg, B/M 5/96, Heritage 1/01, Superior 1/03, Simpson-Heritage 9/20 - PCGS65BN

3) Superior 10/00, Rau-Heritage 4/18, Saul Teichman - PCGS64RED

4) Mal Varner-97 ANA, B/M 8/07, Simpson, Heritage 8/10, StacksBowers 8/14 ANA, Heritage 8/17 ANA - PCGS65RB

One of the last 2 probably accounts for the 58 ANA and/or Lohr examples. One was lot 53 in Guttag's 10/27 sale.

This reverse was also used in the following years:

1858 on J221/P264.

1859 on J234/P281.

1864 on J384-5/P452-3. This is also believed to have been deliberately struck for sale to collectors circa 1868-9.