Click to enlargeJ434/P507

The so-called transitional quarter using the reverse of 1866-1891.

Some of these are 1865 strikings as there are several December 1865 requests to James Pollock by collectors requesting examples in both silver and copper while others as well as the "with motto" patterns of 1863 and 1864 are, for the most part, restrikes made circa 1869 and into the early 1870s and offered with restrikes of other denominations in complete sets.

For the dollars, 2 different reverses were used to strike these and 2 different obverse die states, one with rust by the 9th star exist further confirming that originals and restrikes exist. For more on this, see Stacks 11/2008 sale.

The first definite sales occurrence for an 1865 with motto set was in the October 1870 Mason & Company sale of the Fewsmith collection. A possible earlier listing may be Cogan's September 1869 sale.

Examples of this were struck as follows:

Silver J434/P507 with about a dozen known. The Fairfield-B/R 10/77, Bass-HWBRF, Heritage 8/14 example appears to be struck over an 1866 dollar. As the coin weighs only 399.5 grains, the coin must have been well circulated or else worked on prior to striking. The date area is shown below courtesy of Heritage.

Copper J435/P508 with about a dozen known.

Aluminum J436/P509. This piece is unconfirmed and may not exist. Newcomer owned the quarter and half dollar but he did not have the dollar.

Photo courtesy of Bowers and Merena and is the former Eliasberg example.