Click to enlargeJ479/P569

This pattern consists of the Washington Obverse with the motto "In God We Trust" combined with the regular without rays reverse. This muling is believed to have been struck outside the mint from dies sold as scrap metal which were purchased by Joseph Mickley. Many of these coins ended up in the Crosby collection. It is not known if Mickley or Crosby was the actual minter of these coins.

Examples are listed as follows:

Nickel J476/P566 with only the Crosby (Lot 1781); Garrett II sale (Lot 994) piece confirmed.

Copper J477/P567 possibly unique with only the Superior (Lot 1204), Oct. 1992, PCGS PR-62 BN piece confirmed.

Brass J478/P568 unconfirmed, possibly a misdescription of the copper piece above.

White Metal J479/P569 with at least 2 known.

1) Crosby (Lot 1782); T.H. Garrett; J.W. Garrett; Johns Hopkins University; Garrett (Lot 988), $7,500; Stack’s ‘Auction 84’ (Lot 1225), July 1984; Heritage ‘ANA 1996’ (Lot 5005), Aug. 1996, PCGS64, $8,800, Stacks 7/08, Simpson collection, illustrated above courtesy of Stacks.

2) Fuld; Picker; Kosoff; Crouch (Lot 190); S. Ivy ‘ANA Sale’ (Lot 754), Aug. 1980; Heritage 9/13, StacksBowers 2/19, StacksBowers 8/19 ANA - PCGS63. Struck on crude (splayed) planchet with large planchet breaks, 90 degree die alignment. Weight 92.4 grains. PCGS analyzed this and it came back 43% lead, 37% Bismuth, 18% Tin and 1% Iron, illustrated below courtesy of Heritage.

It is important to note that the planchets used for these were substandard, ie not mint planchets. Metallurgical analysis is recommended.

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