Click to enlargeJ489/P577

This is the second shield nickel design with small motto and split date combined with the Dutch 5 reverse.

Nickel examples as illustrated are known on both thin 54 grain and thick 75 grain planchets.

Examples were struck in copper and/or bronze J490-J491/P578 and are also known on both thin 55 grain and thick 71 grain planchets.

About a dozen are known in either metal.

The obverse die contains a die cutting error. The motto was started too far to the right in a location similar to the regular 1866 shield nickel obverse die and then corrected. The second leaf points to the remnants of the letter "T" as shown in the image below.

Discovery and image courtesy of Lou Butterfield.

Incomplete white metal obverse splashers, JA1866-5/P3278 and JA1866-6/P3279 are in the collection of the Library Company of Philadelphia.

Photo courtesy of Heritage.